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My Burger Daddy French Fry Cutter Vollrath 47713 French Fry Cutter
My Burger Daddy French Fry Cutter
List Price: $224.00
Our Price: $79.00
Savings: $145.00
Vollrath French Fry Cutter
List Price: $324.00
Our Price: $149.99
Savings: $174.01
My Burger Daddy FF1299 Commercial French fry cutter with 3 Blades Vollrath 47713 French fry cutter. 3/8 inch cut
Are you looking for the best commercial french fry cutter on the market? Do you love the margins french fries provide to your business, but are looking for a fresh and less expensive method to sell them? Are you looking to get away from the frozen french fries? There is a simple and easy solution! Gone are the assumptions that cutting potatoes down to size to fry up is simply too difficult for the ordinary restaurant. The best french fry cutters have a few things to look for.
French fry cutters are utilized to cut french fries in the benefit of your own place, quickly and just. The biggest part about this appliance is that they give you the ability to assign the size of your French fries. Whether you really want thin snacking design fries or whether you require big fries, these will help you prepare potatoes into the shape you desire.
French fry cutters are usually extremely safe to use and it could be a terrific option to get the kids helping in the cooking area. They can get associated with the cooking process and they get to make delicious treats which they will certainly take pleasure in consuming.
When you are browsing for French fry cutters it is essential to try to find a design that is small in weight and that is immensely basic to operate. Having very luxury design may not always be the very best selection and it can cost you a lot even more than a standard design.
French fry cutters offer you the capability to produce lots of different kinds of shapes for the potatoes you are attempting to fry. French fry cutters typically come with at least a couple steel cutting blades so you would have the choice of picking which is the very best one each time. These are also really easy to run - you need to just place your potato in the one end and press it with to the other. Simple as that and out flies your French fries.
The cutting blade will have holes on it normally in a kind pattern and this can make you normal sized potato fries. Another blade might have a larger grid which will permit you to produce smaller french fries that look much like those in a convenience food chain. Depending on which of the many designs out there you buy - a few of these can likewise come with an alternative for cutting your fruits and veggies. So if you would such as a number of cucumber adheres to treat on - simply put them into the cutter and press them through. It truly is as basic as that.
The best commercial french fry cutters can be used to cut other kinds of fruits and veggies as well. Carrots, root veggies, green peppers, and onions can all be run through the cutter to produce the ideal salads, perfect for those who are conscious about freshness or vegetarian.
If you have actually made the choice to buy the best commercial french fry cutter, understand that it is a great idea to to look around and find the biggest price. You likewise wish to determine exactly what tasks you are desiring to be utilizing it for. If it is just for fries, you won't need anything too pricey.
You can look for designs on the net and compare expenses and features of all the various models that are on sale. Similar to anything that you purchase - make certain to look around so that you can see all the various products that are available.
Also invest a an online retailer that specializes the products you are looking for. Customer testimonials and reviews can provide you with great insights to finding the best commercial french fry press on the market.