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Italian Tomato Press

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ITP 750 Italian Tomato Press ITP 750 Italian Tomato Press

1 HP My Burger Daddy Italian Tomato Press.

List Price: $699.00
Our Price: $299.00
Savings: $400.00
Who makes the best Italian Tomato Press? If you a restaurateur or cooking lover we have one for you. An ultimate element of any Italian household kitchen, The Italian tomato press will certainly halve your tomato prep work time with its ease of use and large capacity. Vital for anyone who wants to grind their own fresh tomatoes.

The Italian tomato press peels, seeds and squeezes your tomatoes in order to extract the best tomato puree. This practical device will certainly separate the seeds and most of the skin, which is quickly disposed of after each use. The continuing to be puree is basic in producing an exceptional house made tomato sauce, marinara, salsa, soup and even bloody Mary! Its basic, structured design makes it simple to fit in any sized cooking area, and its numerous uses makes it indispensable for any excellent cook or restaurateur. If you are searching for a method to enhance performance in your kitchen area, you will certainly conserve important energy and time with a quality Italian tomato press. No longer will you have to take hours blanching, seeding, and skinning tomatoes. Now, merely position the clean tomatoes in the Italian tomato press, and crank the deal with. It takes the task from cooking with fresh tomato puree!

Another terrific reason to possess an Italian tomato press is to maintain fresh tomatoes in a pureed type long after the period had actually passed. Merely utilize the Italian tomato press to develop that tomato mash, then maintain it in your freezer for approximately 3 months. There are a million methods to utilize the fresh tomato puree produced with this helpful and inexpensive kitchen appliance! The Italian tomato press is essential time saver for any house or dining establishment cook - begin conserving time and developing fresh tomato puree without any hassle!

The Italian Tomato Press by My Hamburger Daddy makes fast work of a large quantity of tomatoes.