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LEM #12 Meat Grinder LEM #22 W781 Meat Grinder
LEM #22 W781 Meat Grinder
Our Price: $558.99
LEM #12 W780 #12 .75HP Electric Meat Grinder
LEM #22 Products W781 1HP SS Electric Meat Grinder
Whether you desire to use the LEM Meat Grinders for commercial or domestic functions, there are a few features and functions of the LEM Meat Grinder you should know before buying it. The LEM Meat Grinder includes functions that are unique to it. In addition, they can be used for a number of functions depending on your own needs and requirements.

LEM Meat Grinder-- The Functions
This grinder is ideal for smaller jobs. This is due to the fact that of the means it is developed and the way its performance. However, they have a powerful motors ranging from .75 hp to 1.5 hp. The motors can run for a number of hours without overheating. In addition to that, this sort of motor makes the whole meat grinding process simple and fast. The secret to the perfect grind is to make sure the meat is cold when processing it. You are in control of the entire process so you can be sure that nothing will fail. The worst thing that can ever occur to you when doing this is when you need to continue checking everything with an under-powered machine.
LEM Meat Grinders have a stainless steel motor housing. This makes it simple to keep it clean given that the product does not hold onto meat particles after use. It also lasts long which is how you get value for your investment. Everybody desires something that can last longer and the people at LEM Products deliver. Like most commercial meat grinders, the LEM meat grinders come with everything needed to grind high quality products. Your Burger Maker carries the LEM products and you can find them at the very best internet prices. In addition to a great price, you will find the #12 and #22 meat grinders to be an easy to use product on a daily basis.
Those who buy this product both on and offline say that they like it specifically due to the fact that its motor is completely lubricated and very quet. With a lubricated motor, running the device becomes simple, and will increase the life of the product substantially. There are a number of accessories that are included with your LEM Meat Grinder. There is a meat pan, auger, stainless steel knife and most include a sausage stuffer. The accessories keep you from having to go shopping for a bunch of accessories. brand-new products to include in the machine before you can begin grinding your meat. The huge bite auger is one of things that make it a really effective and effective machine for all functions.
Other products that you will get when you buy the LEM Meat Grinder include a 3/8 inch plate, a stuffing plate, 3/16 plate and stuffing tubes. You also will get a meat stomper. Taking a look at the functions of this device versus the rate, it is notable that it is relatively priced. In reality, it is one of the most affordable meat mills that you can discover in the shops.