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LEM Products 534 Heavy Duty Non-Stick Burger Press LEM #12 Meat Grinder LEM #22 W781 Meat Grinder
LEM #22 W781 Meat Grinder
Our Price: $558.99
Makes a large 4-3/8" diameter patty.
Burger press makes perfect, uniform burgers every time. Easy to clean.
LEM #12 W780 #12 .75HP Electric Meat Grinder
LEM #22 Products W781 1HP SS Electric Meat Grinder
LEM Products is one of the best manufacturers of Meat Processing equipment. We're thankful you're seeing our world of meat processing! We are pleased to be the Leader In Game Processing and the leading seller for Sausage Making and Jerky Making products, including our Backwoods Seasoning and Heat Cheese. We provide any equipment you might need in The Butcher Store - Meat Grinders, Food Dehydrators, Meat Tenderizers, Freezing & Storage, Meat Mixers, Saws & Slicers, Vacuum Sealers, Knives & Sharpeners, Meat Wrapping Products, Components and Refurbished Products. We're likewise your destination for Homesteading - including Canning and Kitchen Materials like Mandolins & Slicers, Scales, Thermometers, Aprons & Gloves, Food Strainers, Burger Presses, French Fry Cutters and Apple Peelers. Grill Masters - look no more for Backwoods Seasonings & Spices, Hot Sauces and must-have Grilling Tools. The LEM Products Smoke Master includes Meat smokers and Smoking Devices. Solutions In the field provides products to make your Field Dressing experience the most effective it can be. LEM Products are know throughout the world.
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If you have any questions about LEM Products, call us. We're delighted to assist with any concern you may have due to the fact that this is our game and we're professionals at meat processing. Assist us offer you everything you need for house processing by suggesting a product or providing feedback. So thanks once again for visiting - you'll be glad you did.